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2022 National Poppy Campaign 


OTTAWA, ON – Unique new features will be part of the Royal Canadian Legion’s 2022 National Poppy Campaign which officially begins on Friday, October 28th. New features are being implemented in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Poppy symbol this year, and to increase the creative and convenient ways in which donors can support the yearly campaign.

“We are pleased to expand our Poppy campaign this year and happy to once again work alongside some great partners to make it all happen,” says Dominion President Bruce Julian. “Because of these collective efforts, Canadians will be able to donate in new and engaging ways to support our Veterans - even in the midst of the pandemic.”

Traditional Poppy boxes will still be used for cash donations and lapel poppy distribution. As part of an ongoing pilot project launched in 2020, the Legion’s “Pay Tribute” tap and pay boxes will be featured once again. The digital boxes will offer new donation amount options and traditional poppies. The number of locations across the country will increase to 1000. More details will follow upon the official campaign launch.

Donors will also be able to donate directly through the Legion’s national website. Close to 20 million dollars is donated during the National Poppy Campaign each year and goes directly into initiatives to support Canada’s Veterans.

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