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Susan MacAulay received a Poppy Appreciation as well as a Branch Appreciation.

Staff receive Appreciation Awards for Volunteering

Sharon Stevens receives an Appreciation Award

Lyle French received his medal and pin for 50 years of service

Rick Dent Received an Appreciation Award

Howard Johnson and his family receive an Appreciation Award

Francis Melting Tallow received his 45 year pin

Don Noad received his 45 year pin

Doreen Kamis received an award from the LA

Heather Senior received her 20 year pin from the LA

Deanna French received her Appreciation Award

Thursday Darts received an Appreciation Award

41 Combat Engineer Regiment (33 Engineer Squadron) NPF Event

The Bow's owner HR REIT parks crane.

Parked crane to prevent members from parking all weekend.

Art Installation from Beakerhead
Beer Tubs

Find the Easter Egg.

Veteran's Barrier

H.R. REIT and Encana continue to block our Members from Centre St.

Canada Goose

Legion's next door neighbour.

Beer Pong
Staff Pondering
PC Alberta Debates
Ideal Venue for Weddings
Ideal Venue for Weddings
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These exhaust pipes go off every time the Legion has an event.  We were told from a Ledcor Project Manager that they were told to have them face the Legion.  They said it was a difficult placement going through bends and around corners.  They said it would be much easier to place them in the middle of the lot where it wouldn't bother the public so much.