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The Legion has been the recipient of a top of the line Sound System graciously donated by the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation as an alternative venue to the National Music Centre .  We use the services of Kris Benoit from Calgary Show Services.  We also have a small PA for speeches at no charge.  Video is also available.

Components of Legion Sound System

FoH Console                      Midas M32

Stage Box                          Midas DL32

Digital Snake                      200' Cat6 Cable

FoH Speakers                    NEXO Geo System

Monitors (4)                        DB Technologies

Drum Mics (7)                     Audix

Guitar Mics (2)                    For Cabinets

General Mics (4)                 Audix

Vocal Mics (4)

DI Boxes (4)

Mic Stands (16)                  K&M

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